What Does The Economizer Have For The Boiler?

- Jun 07, 2017 -

The economizer can be recycled, the boiler feed water in a stagnant state, this time the water in the economizer in the state of non-flow, with the boiler combustion to strengthen the flue gas temperature, the economizer within the water easily produce vaporization , So that the local part of the economizer in the over-temperature state.

We all know that the economizer is an important part of the boiler, it is the use of the boiler through the lower flue gas flue gas heating boiler heating surface, in order to use the boiler to improve the thermal efficiency, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy.

The economizer can increase the temperature of the water supply, into the drum will reduce the wall temperature, thermal stress corresponding to reduce the extension of the life of the drum; absorb low temperature flue gas heat, reduce the exhaust temperature, reduce smoke loss, Saving fuel; heating water in the economizer before entering the drum, thus reducing the heat of the feed water in the heating surface, you can use the economizer to replace some of the higher cost of the evaporation surface.