Warmly Congratulations On Jilin Hengtao Thermal Project 1 #, 2 # Trestle Smooth Lifting In Place!

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Since September, Shandong Hengtao Group established Jilin Hengtao thermal project battle command, inspired by the chairman's speech, all the people tackle with difficulties, race against time, re-safety, grasping progress, rush period, through joint efforts of everyone , on October 17, Jilin Hengtao thermal project 1 #, 2 # trestle was successfully hopped in place.

Jilin Hengtao thermal project is one of the long-term strategic objectives of Hengtao Group. In order to ensure the smooth running of the project, all staff cooperate with each other together and become the most powerful weapon in this battle. 

Battle is the speed and quality of the contest, the progress and effectiveness of the Competition, it is difficult to tackle the difficulties of the cohesion. All staff need to understand the situation, grasp the key, struggling to sprint, put forward strongly. I believe that through everyone's efforts, Jilin Hengtao project will be successfully finally!