There Are Many Ways To Classify The Economizer, Which Can Be Classified According To The Following Methods:

- Jun 07, 2017 -

1, according to the degree of heating water can be divided into non-boiling and boiling two.

2, according to the manufacturing materials: cast iron and steel pipe economizer two. Non-boiling economizers are made of cast iron, but also made of steel pipe, and boiling type economizer can only be made of steel pipe. Cast iron economizer used in the pressure ≤ 2.5MPa boiler. If the pressure exceeds 2.5MPa, it should be made of steel pipe economizer.

3, according to the form of the device points: a vertical and horizontal two.

4, according to the relative flow of smoke and water points: a downstream, countercurrent and mixed three.

5, according to the structure of points: light pipe economizer and finned economizer. Fin-type economizers include: H-type economizer (with more) and spiral finder economizer.

6, according to the form of thermal conductivity points: direct conduction and indirect conduction;