The Main Role Of The Economizer Has The Following Points

- Jun 07, 2017 -

The economizer is a heat exchanger that utilizes the waste heat in the boiler flue to heat the boiler feed water. The main role of the economizer has the following:

1, due to the use of economizers to improve the boiler into the boiler drum water temperature, which greatly reduces the steam drum with the temperature difference between the heat generated by the thermal stress, which is safe and reliable operation of the boiler is very favorable.

2, due to the recovery of flue gas waste heat, so that the boiler feed water temperature has been significantly improved, thus saving fuel. General use of economizers, can save fuel.

3, in modern boilers, the main role of the economizer is to reduce the heating surface of the boiler body to the cost of cheap economizer heating surface to replace the more expensive boiler body heating surface.

So the economizer not only in the operation of the boiler to obtain economic results, but also in terms of equipment costs have reached a more economical requirements. For boiling economizers, this facilitates the flow of the gaseous mixture to prevent the formation of the plug, which facilitates safe operation of the economizer.