Superheater, Reheater Tube Blasting Accident Handling

- Jun 07, 2017 -

1 symbol:

1.1 superheated steam pressure, then the steam pressure drop, blasting there is a clear leakage sound.

1.2 negative pressure of the furnace, the flue is not tight smoke smoke.

1.3 lower part of the blasting smoke temperature, the second side of the smoke temperature deviation increased.

2 Reason:

2.1 bad steam quality, tube fouling, causing the wall overheating.

2.2 There is a foreign matter in the tube, the material is not qualified or the installation is bad or poor during repair.

2.3 low load when the use of improper cooling water, resulting in water plug, local wall overheating.

2.4 wall long-term over-temperature operation, fly ash wear.

3 processing:

3.1 If the blasting is not serious can change the sliding operation, appropriate to reduce the boiler load to maintain the steam temperature, water level is normal, and strengthen the monitoring leak, please indicate the value of long, apply for a shutdown.

3.2 If the blasting is serious, can not maintain the steam pressure, steam temperature and water level should be emergency shutdown treatment.

3.3 After the shutdown, you can keep a suction fan to maintain negative pressure inside the furnace.