Hengtao Group Was Invited To Attend Power Plant Boiler Optimization Technology Exchange Seminar.

- Nov 13, 2017 -

  On 9th, Nov. 2017, the Power Plant Boiler Optimization Technology Exchange Seminar was held in Xuzhou by China Energy Conservation Association thermoelectric industry alliance. As vice president unit, Hengtao was invited to participate it.

The meeting was aimed at strengthening the technology innovation and transformation experience exchange among units & groups in each area; exploring ways and measures to optimize boiler reformation and coal blending process and promote energy conservation and consumption reduction work faster and better.

  The meeting invited well-known scientific research institutes such as Guodian Science and Technology Research Institute, Huadian Electric Power Research Institute and Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute to share the achievements of new technologies such as boiler operation optimization, clean coal-fired technology and utilization of flue gas waste heat and invited industry experts and domestic well- Device manufacturers speak at the meeting. Our company made a speech on "Boiler Comprehensive Diagnosis, Optimization and Reformation Technology" and share and exchange the boiler energy-saving retrofit technology of our company, and got the recognition from on-site experts.

  The successful convening of the seminar has great significance for the improvement and optimization of our technology and process optimization. Through technical communication and learning advanced boiler transformation experience, we can provide better service to our customers and achieve new breakthrough in boiler energy-saving technology.