Hengtao Group Obtain ASME Certificate Of ASME S & ASME U

- Aug 30, 2017 -

During 27th Apr. and 28th Apr.2016, ASME joint review team conducted two days'qualification assessment to Hengtao Group. This assessment include detailed examination on quality control

documents, product design, material, technique, welding, non-destructive inspection, metric equipment, quality inspection etc. And also on product demonstrations on-site inspection of the ASME welding and testing demonstration.

After detailed inspection, ASME joint review team agreed that the company can establish a sound quality assurance system in accordance with the ASME Code, and effectively run an exemplary manufacturing process, decided to sent a letter to the headquarters of the US ASME to recommend Shandong Heng Ltd. energy saving achieved ASME "S" and "U" design, manufacturing license and stamp.

Passed the ASME certification S&U, it indicates that our company can manafuture pressure vessel in the testing,design in accordance with US ASME code requirements, Our quality assurance system has been recognized by international authority which will surely help to expand global market in high-pressure container products and establish hengtao brand in international market.