Hengtao Group Engaged In Drafting Out Industry Standard Of Specification For Tubular Air Preheater

- Aug 30, 2017 -

The specification for tubular air preheater of NB/T 47049-2016 had been approved on 16th Aug.2016 and will be implemented on 1st Dec.2016. As one of the drafters, Hengtao Group involved in the preparation of some technical parameters of enamel pipe, which indicates the recognition for good technology of hengtao in industry line. This represents a milestone in Hengtao's boiler energy saving and environmental protection business.


  Shandong hengtao has professional enameled research center and has 20 years's experience in low temperature corrosion resistance reform in air preheater. According to the operating conditions of different components of flue gas and boiler, research the denitration special enamel enamel; using fluidized bed, pulverized coal fired boiler; furnace with enamel and biomass straw waste incinerator; with fuel, enamel coke oven gas furnace, has more than 30 national patents, passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements, become the steady supplier of DongFang boiler, Wuxi Huaguang, Huaxi energy, Hangzhou Boiler, Nantong boiler for boiler auxiliary, and the prior cooperation supplier with ongyuan, Wuhan longjing, Xuzhou combustion control denitrification company.