Energy Saving Principle / Economizer

- Jun 07, 2017 -

Add a regenerative process to the cycle. Increase the average temperature of heat absorption.

Thereby increasing cycle efficiency

During the start-up of the boiler (drum boiler), because the circulation of the soda pipe is not established, that is, the boiler feed water is in a stagnant state. At this time, the water in the economizer is in a non-flowing state. With the combustion of the boiler, The temperature of the economizer, the economizer within the water is easy to produce vaporization, so that the local part of the economizer in the over-temperature state.In order to avoid the emergence of this situation, from the concentration of the water pipe next to a pipe to the economizer entrance , As a recirculation pipeline, so that the water within the economizer in the flow state to avoid its vaporization.