Improve the efficiency of economizer

- Jun 07, 2017 -

1, update, replace inefficient economizer: the use of new efficient economizer system update, replace the inefficient boiler, improve the boiler thermal efficiency.

2, the transformation of existing coal room system: for the existing boiler owners and auxiliary equipment does not match, the degree of automation and system efficiency issues, the integration of existing advanced technology, transformation of the existing boiler room system to improve the overall efficiency of the boiler room.

3, the construction of regional coal centralized distribution processing center: for the current boiler coal quality is generally low, coal instability, and the boiler does not match the low efficiency of the problem, mainly focused on the northern region, the construction of regional boiler dedicated coal centralized distribution processing center The

4, demonstration application of clean coal, high-quality bio-briquette instead of coal as a boiler coal, improve efficiency and reduce pollution.