How does the economizer switch control?

- Jun 07, 2017 -

Economizer recirculation door opening and closing can be divided into three stages to study, of course, the premise is the normal combustion chamber.

1, the economizer in a discontinuous flow, this time should be based on the Sheung Shui situation may be, Sheung Shui is closed, not the water is open. But the rules stipulate that in this case can always be opened, and did not do so detailed requirements. The reason is estimated to have little impact and frequent operation.

2, the economizer in a continuous flow of water, this time should be closed.

3, the economizer in the absence of traffic, this time should be opened.

After the boiler continuous water, because the water supply through the economizer recirculation tube directly into the drum, reducing the local area of the boiler water temperature, affecting the soda separation and steam quality, and the recycling tube and the steam at the interface of the metal Temperature stress, a long time may produce cracks.