Advantages and Disadvantages of Economizer

- Jun 07, 2017 -

The current use of the tube-type economizer there are the following shortcomings and deficiencies: serious wear and tear, short life; easy to block ash, so that the boiler has a positive pressure on the safe and stable operation of the boiler caused many adverse factors.

The installation of anti-wear cover or spray anti-wear coating, in addition to adding unnecessary waste, affecting heat transfer, a slight reduction in wear and tear, but can not solve the phenomenon of fouling, but can not fundamentally solve these two shortcomings. Spiral tube economizer to absorb the advantages of cast iron economizer anti-wear, while increasing the gap between the spiral pipe economizer, reduce the flue gas flow rate, which fundamentally solve the problem of wear, and because the film itself is an aluminum Alloy, heat transfer is good, wear resistance, and thus also for the spiral pipe economizer wear life to provide a guarantee.

With a conventional spiral economizer life expectancy for two years, the life of the spiral economizer is about 3-4 times. Heat transfer area than the increase before the increase of about 50%. The cost of a one-time transformation is about 1.5 times the replacement of the same type of light pipe economizer. If the life of light pipe economizer less than two years, this advantage is even more obvious.