CFB Boiler Horizontal Tubular Air Preheater Enamel Coated Tubes

CFB Boiler Horizontal Tubular Air Preheater Enamel Coated Tubes

China ISO 9001 certification carbon steel enamel tubes for APH Specification The air preheater exists the problem of collection of ash , worn down , low temperature corrosion to effect the safe and economical operation for the boiler unit . At the moment , the investment of air preheater is...

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China ISO 9001 certification carbon steel enamel tubes for APH  



The air preheater exists the problem of collection of ash , worn down , low temperature corrosion to effect the safe and economical operation for the boiler unit . At the moment , the investment of air preheater is 6%-8% of the whole boiler investment in the industrial boiler and power station boil , due to the problem of collectionof ash, worn down, low temperature corrosion to incur the direct loss of replacing equipment and shuting down is 4~5% of the operation cost and the loss will be more large when the boiler is shut down incurred by this problem .


Aim at the above questions,we develop the new heat transfer parts ——Good rubbish burning furnace, biomass boiler used blue colour enamel steel tubes and received 5 patents .

The uniform colour enameled tube is manufactured  with the enamel which is our own

developed with the scientific formula and is evenly coated on the surface of the steel tube by 

the auto enamel tube production line . To use best temperature change performance enameled tubes as the heat exchange parts will be anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion, the surface is smooth

and low cost of maintenance . 



1.The enameled tubeare not easily broken enamel surface, no crack, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to gas erosion, smooth and high, gas flow resistance, easy Fouling;

2. As the flue gas across tube, the flue gas side of the heat capacity of exile to strengthen, under the same heat transfer coefficient (enamel thickness ratio of thermal conductivity with very small, about 0.0002, the calculation is negligible), wall temperature vertical preheater than ordinary steel increased 10-30 Degree Celsius, the overall heat transfer coefficient of about 20.3-24.2W;

3. two horizontal enamel sealing tube box, the sealed tube box structure welded high strength, pipe damaged or the overall change can only block, and heat-packing seal, can only replace the damaged pipe tube, easy maintenance;

4. The preheater is mainly used for boiler preheater, the low temperature.



To adapt the different boiler burning type, different fuel and different fume ingredient, we developed the below enamel tube air preheaters to fit the different medium:
1. The CFB boiler and coal powder boiler used enamel steel tubes, seam or seamless steel tube with green colour.
2. The rubbish burning furnace, biomass boiler used enamel steel tubes, seam or seamless steel tube with blue colour.
3. The Chain grate and layer burning boiler used enamel steel tubes, seam or seamless steel tube with brown colour.
4. The oil burning boiler, coking boiler and gas boiler used enamel steel tubes,seam or seamless steel tube with dark green.

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